August 7, 2013


This place is like loving some one. I cant live without blogging. When I do, an unusual and discomforting feeling dwells in me. The problem I am facing is, I write a lot of things and save it as a draft. I dont have a heart to post them on this blog for some unknown reasons. Anyway, I guess I owe myself a blog post.

Life is moving on the hilly terrain , taking turns every now and then but the goal is decided. The goal is what I want and I am super happy with it. This fact makes me comfortable in many parts and yet there is a part of my soul struggling to adjust to the upcoming changes in my life.

I feel excited, I feel nervous. I feel numb and I feel like screaming from the roof top. The whirlpool of such feelings obviously takes a toll on me. Yet as my aunty says, this phase is going to be so pretty that I will always remember it. Period.

I am really going to write about this upcoming year as it is going to be different than 25 years. Each festival and each celebration will be different at home. I will be the lime light which makes me uncomfortable to my surprise. Yett there is a possibility I might enjoy being special. This phase of life might shape my future, nurture a matured soul but I am pretty sure and firm on one thing.

This Bubblegum wont change ethics, values, culture and of course blogging. Amen. 


  1. Yes, you will enjoy being special.

  2. Yes, you will enjoy being special!