August 10, 2013

There comes a day!

There comes a day, when all you want is to be alone. You want to just walk in the drizzling shower without a rain coat. You generally think a lot, but today, you dont want to think at al. You dont want to introspect any more. All you want is happiness. You are so independent but yet so much affected by atmosphere, your own people. Today, for a change, you want to get disconnected and fly.

You want to revive those days when you knew how to be happy on your own. You want a little time for yourself, to indulge into yourself. You want to be a little more selfish. You want to scream and then let that something go out. Not because you are depressed, you are not. You want to be alone because today, you want to be happy for yourself.

You dont want to think about any one, you dont want to think about past-present-future. You want yourself. You want to hug your self. You know, no better can understand you more than yourself.

You have to enjoy your own company. You have to be your own leader, counselor, friend and philosopher.

You know, there comes a day. When you feel like being yourself.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, open up your wings, fly and be happy!