September 27, 2013

I'm back!

I know I was too irregular in blogging, people in fact stopped asking me about my no-blogging-act. Anyway, now when I am back I have to give random updates about my life and of course, my feelings. You might feel an exact blend of happiness , nervousness and disappointment.

  • The major event in last few days was getting job offers. It was a real exam of my patience. People raised doubts about my educational qualification. People considered me foolish as I decided to come back to India. They considered my feeling of being a part of India's economic growth (It looks dull right now!) an idiotic idea. I never regretted my decisions but then it was taking too much for me to be calm. At times I cried alone, parents and my fiancee tried to manage my tantrums, depressive vibes. Finally I got two offers from very good companies of my field. The offer I accepted was an opportunity and a gift to me, I feel. I could actually shut mouth of all critics. I could achieve what I had in my mind! I am super happy and also sad as these will be my last some days at my home, which will be my parent's home from next year. 
  • An exciting feel of shifting in a city where I have lived for six months is in the air. Though I was not in the city exactly, now I want to explore the heart of the city. Pune it is. Looking forward to the whole new experience of living and working in the new city alone! 
  • The rains in Gujarat are creating havoc every where. I guess God tests us every two- three years. Earthquake-riots-flood-flood and so on. I hope the situation will be fought with great courage as always. 
  • This point is almost like venting out fire from inside. I am trapped in an emotional cage where I feel suffocated. This cage is built by me, no one is responsible but keeping every one happy is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to events like marriages. You become the single point contact of the guy's family and held responsible for each action- reaction from his side. My soul is yet to discover the shut down mode from such conditions. 
  • Well on a happy note, I expect better blog posts full of experience and learning from next month!

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