September 9, 2013

Kids, religions and India!

Religion was just a small world when I was a kid. We, kids in my school sang songs and prayers of all religions our teachers knew about. From Ram, Krishna, Rahim, Kabir, Jesus, Mahavir Swami, Buddha, Nanak to even Tao, every one was present in our prayers and thought. Of course we were taught that we all are one, we thrive to reach to the same super power. I am sure all kids learn the same. Kids are taught that India is one nation where all religions are same, humanity unites us,we all are same.

Some where during high school period the gap starts appearing. Rituals enter in lives new teens in a rigid way. Parents try to let kids know more about their own religions. Fair enough. Kids also start differentiating using their own concepts. An innocent heart starts making comparisons in castes/ religions using different angles gifted by parents, family and friends. The kid who used to celebrate festivals of all religions slowly starts feeling awkward when festivals of 'others' are being celebrated. Parents and relatives take proud and instill those feelings in kids at this age, worst they also instill differences from this very age.

Once he or she enters the college and starst making their own choices, parents become more rigid about their own religion. The same parents who taught them in the childhood that all religions believe in the same single super power. Youngsters now know their religion is the best on the earth, they are the most ethical clan close to God. Panic attacks, honor killings, riots take place when two matured personalities from different religions/caste/states decide to marry. Just because they have a different set of Gods and rituals! Just because they are holier or higher than the other caste or the religion!

The transformation of a kid to adult becomes tainted and gets adulterated at the end. Do we need to change this?

Fights between religions, fights between states, fights for languages! - Don't we need to continue the feel of 'We all are one' for the life?

Do we need to change the feel of upbringing in kids while teaching religions? Love marriages, inter state and inter caste marriages may bring a change and the unity India wants now. May be.

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  1. Yes, love marriages, inter-caste marriages and inter-religion marriages can integrate the people.