November 1, 2013

13 is not bad!

So so many people feel thirteen is an unlucky number. My rational side feels this is a foolish thought. We can not hold a 'Number'? responsible for something unwanted happening in life. While a rebellious side of me always feel, why 13? The one part of me discovered the otherwise, we celebrate Dhanteras! Yeah, 13 is lucky this time?!

I know this post started with some silly stupid ideologies of mine but right now here in this room , alone, in now not so new city Pune, I am free to be myself. After a lined up calls from my mom, my would be mom (in law), my sister (in law who is capable of letting me break all laws!) and of course Mr.ISB. Long distance blues always show off on your phone bills, isnt it?

This new home (at least for two months) is nice, gives me some positive vibes even when I am not sure of flatmates. I am not so lucky to have my Singapore flatmates again here, but I just can pray I can feel them at least 10% here. I am yet to organize everything in my room and situation demands the delay of some ten days for the same, I have already started planning about buying new mugs and photo frames! May be this is the feeling I always carry whenever I shift, sadly, never entirely made myself happy with application.

As tomorrow I am leaving for home, I am not at all homesick this Diwali like I was last time. I am sure my Singapore room mates might miss the actual shining of the festival but hey, I am going to send some pictures of India to make them jealous! *Yeah rolling eyes*

This Dhanteras, I did not do any pooja but I am sure tomorrow I am going to be into festive mood. I pray to god, that my mom's dream of making me wearing Saree this diwali gets accomplished in a beautiful way. Otherwise a chubby girl might get converted into a wrapped jumping cylinder.

I know I should just publish the blog-post and run away.


  1. Wrapped jumping cylinder, super funny! Also, dude you have noooo idea what you missed as far as Singapore deepawali goes.

  2. Hope you had a Great Diwali.

    You would have looked gorgeous in a saree in Diwali lamps!