November 29, 2014

Cookworm and the week that was!

I made up something. The word, 'Cookworm' And Peanut butter. And Dinner rolls.

It went straight down to our stomach.  :)

On a serious note, peanut butter consistency was not 'spread worthy' even after grinding in my processor, but the Jaggery  water and the roasted peanut flavor was super yummy.

Dinner rolls I made need a 'Thank You' note to my office. It made me so so so frustrated last night that I decided to meditate in the kitchen being a 'Cookworm'!

For the other part of the title,

Life has been difficult but every one goes through the professionally challenged phase. So I have decided not to blog about it and crib like I am doing since ages here.

I have been cutting away strands hanging with loose ends, I have deleted myself from unwanted groups on whatsapp. Only two groups - Singapore flatmates and close buddy group I am into. It is always nice to be in touch with some one, only if you feel.Too many people to be in touch, increases pressure on me. I need 'me time' badly, so friends who wants to keep in touch with me would always call me/message me/mail me. Rest, see you next time. *How rude I sound!*

I have been reading a lot. This weekend I am travelling through the Silk Route, virtually. I bought this, after reading this I am excited to gulp the book and enjoy the trip.

A cup of good hope, and a change in the blog layout,

Hope you are enjoying an awesome weekend! :-)


  1. Felt good to read your last lines of the blog.All well when end well.Keep up with good posts.

  2. The recipe is very simple and awesome. I would love to make it soon for my family.Thanks for sharing.