December 10, 2014

The Unopened book.

Actually there are many. The number increases as almost all around me knows how madly I fall in love with books. Recommendations by mail, messages, Whatsapp and my Feedly keeps on increasing. Unlike my old habit of ticking off all of them one by one, I am letting them grow in numbers. Believe me, I am sad.

It is disheartening to see myself sulking over this. Failed attempts to hold the iPad with burning eyes, drained brain and read one of the list breaks my heart into pieces every night. I tried changing time of reading from night to morning, but the morning rush is too whimsical in nature. It just does not let me read.

To decrease my expenses, I started making up my mind to read on our iPad, which worked some what. The possibility of buying more books and reading more gave me adrenaline rush some time back, only to realize now I have lost the energy or the flow to get glued to the book.

Getting swallowed down by the story, de-touring from the real world and touring with the world within those words. Ah, I miss everything about it.

It is a form of a meditation for me. The book gets my heart in it and just like when you focus on 'OM', I get my soul revived. No more may be. I have lost the touch or may be it is a reader's block?

May be.

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