May 29, 2015

'Trainy' Talks!

When you travel using the Mumbai Local train, you live with the bottom condition of any society. You can meet people suited also now a days, with corporate smiles. You can spot hundreds of people working as blue collared employees, sweating hard and still smiling. Railway stations of local trains in Mumbai are mini India to live.

As I have been using trains quite often to reach office or return, I have been continuously observing random things which provokes introspection most of the times or create stories many times. I think, title Trainy Talks would definitely give the reflection of mind travelling between Parel to Matunga, which means I travel exactly for ten minutes in trains. Well, that is lucky me!

  • Female compartments are the most colorful ones with all types of bags and tiffin bags hanging around. Believe me I know more numbers of brands making bags - second class or first class than ever.Also I got to know how females protect their purses, at the same time let purses protect them from the push-flow. (The newly invented word, which means the activity done by people catching train and pushing every other possible thing - alive or dead- in front of their already moving bodies!)
  • Stories. How a new bride is disappointed with her sister in law for not gifting her anything. How a mother is worried about the education of the child. How to apply eye liner properly.How to break up with the boy friend. Stories, I love. Even when they are ultra stupid.
  • When I start from office in the evening, how people co-operate now a days, is amazing. As the staircase is too small to cater to the population working in nearby financial high rise buildings, rush is inevitable. I am amazed how people maintain lines most of the time! Moving lines!
  • I am happy to see police patrolling every where on all stations now a days. They really do. I have spotted many passengers being interrogated.
  • The best part of the train is, girls applying make up in the moving train when the station to alight comes closer. I am sure I would never posses this kind of a skill. Kohl to compact powder, back combing to curls! I always get impressed!
  • Books. People read books, many use mobiles and tablets to read while doing longer commutes. I feel jealous as ten minutes travelling does not allow me to  read. I have tried reading whenever I take cab rides to the office, but I get  involved to the extend that I miss my office building every time. Cab drivers fail to understand my addiction. 
  • Shops nearby stations are my favorite spots. You get EVERYTHING under the sun. People try to beat the heat with cold drinks and tasty 'mineral' Nimbu Pani.Females bug vendors while bargaining. Fruits, colorful juicy ones popping out of baskets - are my weakness. Animals or things, everything near railway stations are bright and nice.
While I see people sweating really hard and still smiling from ear to ear acknowledging my move to give them some comfort - I feel trains are very very human!

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