August 18, 2015

Just like that!

The constantly itching left eye and leaky nose tried really hard to make me feel dull today. With my team at office,it is tough to feel dull or numb for more than an hour. In one of those laughter attacks crafted specially for me, suddenly I thought about what can be wrong with me,

I have become less grateful. I am too sensitive these days. I am constantly ill. I keep on catching cold and headaches. I can not sleep on time. I wake up being grumpy but do not show. I get tired before I reach office. Even when I want to finish work faster, I slog. I slog even when I love what I do. This disturbs me even more.

Either I am horribly falling into some health disorder. May be I am just being pushed in to the well of negativity. I am controlling the will over my life.

So today, while I am writing this before leaving my office for the day. I want to decide on something.

I am going to enjoy each and every moment, come what may. I would try to respond and try not react. I am going to take control over what I do in my life. I would learn to say "No". I am going to read a lot but I am not going to suffer from the pressure created by 'Information Over load'. I am going to invest in human relationship but not too much.

I am going to hog chocolate milk every single day as soon as I find the perfect brand of chocolate powder. ( I miss you, Tim Hortins!)

Just like that :D

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