August 25, 2015

The Musical Night

I love languages, even when I am not an expert of many but Gujarati. Gujarati is my mother tongue and studying the same as the first language in my 14 years of schooling has made me quite an expert. Love for literature comes to me naturally, runs in the family in fact. So when it was "The world Gujarati language day" yesterday, amidst sneezing attacks every now and then- I decided to attend the Only Gujarati Musical Night with my family sans Mr.ISB.

The whole music troop was brilliant. They made me feel home, in fact many of them were from my town and my own community. Singers,Tabals, Dhol, Octopad, Khanjari, Keyboard,Guitar and meaningful beautiful Gujarati songs. What else do you need.

Listening to my favorite songs made me so nostalgic. I hardly get a suitable atmosphere here which can accommodate the after smell of such Gujarati songs being played in leisure, so it was a welcome change for me. I missed my dad every moment as many of the songs were of his choice. I could not stop myself from asking him to attend the same if he gets the chance.

The cherry on the cake was Raag, "Megh Malhar" with the attached historical face narrated by the host. This song was sung by two "Nagar" sisters named 'Taana' and 'Riri' when the great singer 'Tansen' was searching for the perfect "Megh Malhar" to be sung as a cure to the body heat produced by 'Dipak' Raag, It is said if a singer sings this Raag with a pure heart and the perfect 'Sur', it rains. I know this is just a belief but when I got up in the morning I saw Mumbai sky drizzling!

And I was still cherishing the Musical Night!

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