August 17, 2015

aPOINTment # 6

I have so so so many things to say but my hands tie themselves up when I start writing about all of them. Today I am hell bent on blogging!

  • I am rarely ritualistic and the belief in the Supreme power who can not be named, does not stop me from feeling spiritual on this holy day of first 'Shravan Somvar'. May be memories, May be 'Sholokas' I was taught or even Criticism for wastage of milk on Lingas I used to hear from my grandparents make this month special. Today, when my marriage is inter-faith, I am observing the only fruit-milk fast which  makes me feel home, where my childhood memories were created.
  • I have decided to avoid conflicts in my life. I have decided to do what I believe in. I have decided to manage things smartly and without hurting people where it is possible. I was glad when an uncle at the near by temple willingly bought a bottle of milk from the vendor nearby and gave to the child sleeping on the street. When I smiled and appreciated other two people came forward to do the same. Religions are suppose to be live documents and not dead wisdom books. There must be a way to make people realize this without arguing with them.
  • I met my cutest niece who is now fourteen days old. The cutest ever bundle of joy I have seen. She is so small that I was scared to even touch her. I am a proud masi now, I need to learn to handle her now!
  • I had the most surreal Chocolate Hazelnut milk shake this weekend. For a foodie like me, it is important to note down the date and the venue. Many more such experiences are awaited.
  • I have been struggling to get up early due to the constant dose of Anti-Histamine I am taking since a week. The cold vanishes just to come back in a few hours. I am not going to do things like 'Putting milk drops in Nose' or even 'Drink X Y Z herbs' as I know I need an immediate relief. No more Ayurveda stuff. I want to get up early. I want to go out for jogging. I want to reach office very much on time. Well, but my nosy nose!
  • I am missing my own people even when I know they are a phone call or a mail away. This is how we learn to live alone. May be.
  • I miss cooking. For some reasons I have lost the spark which made me feel like cooking something really different every single day. I don't have my oven here in Mumbai and that means my will to cook something is halved. Rest of the will has also vanished without much ado. 
How is your life going on?

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