March 27, 2016

Thanks and some more

I did not want to write this but I realized I can not lift more baggage on my mind.

This had happened and my mom was hospitalized for eight long days and I was with her for six days-twenty two hours in a day. My dad was out of India and things have gone complicated. It was a challenge to not to cry in front of mom who already was going under emotional trauma due to the sudden illness she had caught. When she was discharged and I flew back home, I felt as if a decade had passed.

My mind kept on weaving threads of stress and I was too numb to get back to life. So much that my director asked me to take a break on Saturday- which was the most amazing thing happened lately. Apart from spending my weekend with Mr.ISB, I could get back into the groove a bit.

Hospitals,I never knew can be so intoxicating. So flushing. Mother, who is your strength can become so weak.

More than anything else, I thank all the blog readers and being the selfish me- asking for some more so she can recover faster from the horrible weakness and Sugar- BP parameters she is going through.

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  1. Hope All is well.. And wish your mom a speedy recovery