October 9, 2016

Ahmedabad trip and all that jazz

Jazz? Actually Garba in the air. How can I not visit Ahmedabad during Navaratri! Last time I had a super dull one in Mumbai but this time - well my enthusiasm was too high to be true - hence it was okayish. This is what happens. When I'm all prepared for something, some variable plays a game. This time my lack of sleep and exertion made me play only two hours of Garba. Sad, for a six hours player.

Though spending time with parents, meeting relatives and of course,shopping held more importance. Above all, this time I was blessed with gifts for one or the other reason (or should I say no reason at all?)which includes an ethnic wear, mom's hands me down Tangai saree, one old saree to make curtains with, a Persian hand painted wall mount dish. Now let me tell you, my dad's Iran trip has made me crazy about this nation. First, because our ancestry which is widely debatable is said to be half Persian - times of Alexander. Second, seeing photos I am highly impressed by their still preserved Persian art and music. In fact, my dad's friend (actually a client) presented some extremely elegant art pieces which includes a huge wall clock- cut to the precision with hand painted patterns on it. I of course pestered him a lot to 'donate' it to me-but my dad who is equally crazy in terms of decor promised me to get one more for me when that Irani Uncle comes to India. Of course, in that huge gift bag we got super fat Pistachios and traditional Irani sweets.

Now let me get away with this Persian bug- I met so so so many of my relatives this time. My maternal family, paternal family and family friends as well. I generally shy away(or pretend to be one) from social gatherings but this 'living in the other city' phenomenon had changed me. I crave for my old life including people, our home, language etc hence my mother was supremely pleased with my willingness to meet all of them. Life, I must say. Even when I was continuously feeling feverish the moment I boarded the train to go to Ahmedabad, I could conquer the visit.

Meeting my niece (my best friend's daughter) was the cherry on the cake. It took a minute for her to welcome this crazy Masi she has. And the best part? She liked me so much that she showered me with her baby kisses! Never felt so so loved by a baby before. I must say, she is not as picky as her mom! But loves me just like her mom!

The trip ended with of course the old Ahmedabad's best Rabadi thanks to dad- who convinced my mom to let him have a cup of the same Rabadi in the name of her daughter's farewell. Dads, I tell you.

The train  journey ended up with Sister-in-law's birthday and hence coming back was welcomed with our giggles-gifts for her and well giggles again.

Life is good. Touch-wood.

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