October 24, 2016

Chaitime Chitchat #4

I confess, there was a lot to say and a lot to write but I could not collect all of them together and hence this updated post.

Life has been running smooth without the husband in the town. No lies. I do not believe in crying over not getting something for a very long period of time. Adjusting once intended, is my prime skill set. I have been focusing my energy on two prime things namely office and craft. I'm not a pro in either but I am on that way. Intense satisfaction in not wasting my time, keeps me sane. Hence, the missing my husband and my family at Ahmedabad is not really happening.

I went to Chorbazar last to last weekend and oh boy, the world looked so vintage. I bought a skeleton of a carved wooden frame and a normal photo frame which I re-touched this weekend. I got a very classy looking old wooden lamp post with brass detailing in it - it reminds me of my grandfather's huge home. I am yet to create/buy a lamp shade ,but already engineered it to its working state with a lamp and some wires.

With the great help of my MIL, I perked up the drawing room with fuchsia and maroon cushion covers on the cream-muted brown patterned sofas we have. These cushion covers are made up of scrap silk we had at home and each costs us exactly 50 INR- Talk about DIY power! My FIL being the cutest person here happily gave away three wine bottles from his cupboard which were almost empty. Now, this self proclaimed creative lady is pinteresting about ideas to use all of them.

I'm in the process of revamping our bedroom by re-doing the focus wall which is painted light orange, against rest of the cream colored walls.Color selection for frames and art pieces is tricky due to the not-so-normal color of the wall but who worries about it much. I have already started giving it a chaotic look by adorning it with those chorbazar repainted frames and souvenirs we were gifted from Iran, Bali, South Africa, Copenhagen and Spiti. A cute little quirky clock on the book shelf from the Bombay Store gives a red pop to the wall. I am not a pro when it comes to decor but it gives me immense joy and that is what matters, right?

I am also going all Handloom these days, which is a luxury in itself. The fact that the simple touch of hand woven cotton is very comforting,stuck me when I got a bedsheet painted with vegetable die from Ahmedabad. I am so planning a pair of mal-mal curtains and a linen saree (hopefully a gift!) soon.

Office is hectic than it was ever. We have been stretching ourselves a bit too much thanks to the festive season wrap up coming closer. Physical and mental exertion would have taken a toll on my health but a small dose of artsy creation (I believe so) keeps me alive. The Mascara I used once last week and the stress almost killed my eyes with pain (not burning) and made me take a break on Saturday. God, how I deserved it. Even when I used the whole weekend to clean up home for Diwali- I enjoyed it to the tee.

Hopefully my Diwali days wont be too dull and if you are expecting photos of the new DIYs and the decor, well pray that my ancient Camera works this weekend!

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