November 1, 2016

Diwali 2016

I was not sure this morning, if I would like to type all those tiny happy sad bits of Diwali but anyway, before thoughts subside and become memory- I had to blog about all of them.

Diwali was the only thing I was looking forward to, with such intensity that when I saw it passing by this sudden pang of pain was felt and I am still recovering from it. Diwali without Mr.ISB meant, a lot of home decor stuff and self pampering stuff for the festival, so that I wont be seen with sympathy by relatives (And labelled as the one whose husband is not there with her in auspicious days! I so wanted to prove all of them wrong subconsciously, never denied it.)

I of course, started with cushion covers from silk scarp of my MIL and the chor bazar visit. It continued with makeovers of a couple of empty wine bottles from which one was converted into a small table lamp post and another three are waiting for plants to grow inside them. We also purchased a babylon floor shelf - the thinnest possible in depth, on Urban Ladder and oh boy, how beautiful and rustic it looks. My week just flew decorating the same.

The Diwali kicked off with a Dhanteras Puja at the office which was 'happily' celebrated thanks to different threats given to some of the team members who finally gave in and flaunted ethnic clothes. I made Kalakand (which was okayish in texture this time) and monsters ate all of it in just one hour! Talk about being the only self proclaimed cook in the office team. This time I also grabbed the opportunity to wear a classy cotton silk Amdavadi saree which was appreciated with comments like 'Abey tu ladaki lag rahi hai' on my face! Hihihi.

Apart from other decor stuff, came the most exciting part of my Diwali times. Rangolis!! This time, I decided to try an abstract Rangoli which turned out to be very very okayish but the main Rangoli satisfied my expectations. This time my SIL also helped me out in filling up a few colors here and there. My grandmother would be smiling from wherever she is, looking at me creating her favourite Ganpati.

My last couple of days of Diwali were/are no more fun, thanks to migraine attacks with intensity I can not tolerate. Drowsy eyes, vomiting sensations and hectic office work- are making things more difficult. Crackers ,even when this time buy out has reduced a lot- are creating thunderstorms in my mind. Hopefully, I would get over it soon and start planning next exciting times I am waiting for.

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