November 17, 2016

U turn

It happens with me many times. I float with current ongoing events in life and succumb to the change they bring. Don't get me wrong, I am all in for accustoming in life but I tend to loose myself in that wave and when it gets on to my head- I've to apply the break and take a U turn to my normal self.

It happened with me due to current affairs again. In reality. I am not into US of A, but all going gaga over Hillary and all abusing Trump made me little curious- of course then the storm of articles on Whatsapp and other social media compelled me to at least get into the subject. (I swear, I still don't know about states and coasts in US of A even today!)

 Just when I thought now when elections are over and discussions would stay there for only a couple of more days and then we, the people might forget about everything - Indian Government took the bold step of demonetization. I have opinions about this step which is largely positive looking at the difference it has made in J&K  (Benefits of having Kashmiri friends) if nothing else - but more than that I wasted my days in reading about all possible articles and kept myself updated.

Then last morning, suddenly I realized what happened to my old self, who was very much into DIY, reading books and work outs? Of course, I've disturbed my schedule for important reasons and I can not get up before 7.30 am thanks to fatigue. Renovation in our bedroom has kept me busy as well. But then those are excuses. I realized how much I miss doing DIY stuff when a friend called me for a gardening workshop this weekend. Another friend called me for a hand loom event this Saturday. I realized what all things were missing among those articles and opinions I keep on reading online.

Hence, time for a U turn.

I need to paint. I need to create something. I need to organize things in the new classy side table we have bought. I need to again read about different weaves of sarees India has developed so far. I need to go to the hand loom event and get inspired by new Indian style of classic formals (I can go on and on about this,even when I do not really have such clothes. Formals for Indian weather,You cant go wrong!) I need to buy that yoga mat and re-start. I need to drink more water. I need to run again. I need to get up a bit early.

I need to take that U turn again. Yes.

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