November 29, 2016

Chaitime Chitchat #5

Be ready with your cup of tea. Pull that chair. Lets talk! 

  • I'm an official West Side fan. More than clothes (which I feel does justice to the price in terms of quality and style) I like the feel of the store. Ahmedabad and now, Bombay. Cotton and linen Kurtas are just too classy. I am a chudidar fan and now you get with an elastic waist! Come on, things can not be more comfortable. I love their limited collection of sheesham furniture. Oof, If I had money to buy atleast one of them! I love their furnishing stuff. Crockery, Cushions, bedsheets, baskets and what not. Forgot to mention amazing grocery section where you, for awhile enter in a foreign country. West side, you have earn some brownie points. Make Tatas proud. (Ignore current affairs for a while please!)
  • I'm looking forward to December for a couple of reasons. 
  • Office work has become so so hectic last month that I took an off just for the sake of it. We hardly have a minute to pause and take a deep breath. The best part is this work pumps endorphin sort of a feel in us. It is all good then! 
  • People management is the most important aspect in any one's professional life and one who wants to grow has to learn it. I've realized how complex it is to manage people-mentor juniors or subordinates now when I head operations. Suddenly your friend-like-juniors need to be taken care of with a pinch of salt. You need to push them without making them feel bad about it. You need to motivate them. And you need to protect them from seniors! Haha! Seriously.
  • I watched three movies this weekend. Black Book, Wartime in Winter and A Beautiful Mind. Fourth movie I do not want to count as I consider it to be nothing more than a ridiculously directed movie- One Day. What a waste of talent.
  • I've got two plants of pinkish flowers as gifts and after showering us with flower-love for a week suddenly they have turned pale. I have been consulting my friend-cum-botanist-turned-Gardner every morning with daily updates. I pray they survive the shock. We suspect they got hurt during the bumpy ride to the party venue. 
  • Thanks to the renovation going on in our bedroom, I have been keeping distance from my DIY drive. I also need to spend all of my quality time in office to finish this year's goal and the most important project we are working on. Hence no heart burns- DIYs shall come back in my life soon!
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