January 6, 2017

Made Up Expectations

I was never a Cosmetics fan while I was growing up. The way I see today's college going girls (even school girls some times) it is hard to believe that I was never into fashion- specifically Make Up. I can not remember more than two events where I would have even painted my nails. Talk about having a dad with discipline as a middle name (who believed cosmetics has/had lead content which can hamper kid's growth) or a very simple and beautiful mom who looked like a goddess carved out of marble (Complexion which I never got) without any make up- I was never exposed to 'Make Up instruments' or cosmetics.

As soon as I entered college my mom suddenly started feeling deprived of the privilege to kosofy her daughter like other mothers around her did. I was one of those girls who never came home late. Never watched movies with friends. Never went out for night outs. Never wore short dresses or even sleeve less tops (The true story is while I was too busy doing  GundaGardi, none of my 'guy' friends wanted me to be with them after evening or at a night out as I was the only girl in the class of mechanical engineering) How would my mother complain to any one in this matter? Her six-pockets wearing daughter (who could have got arrested by the fashion police) hardly bothered going out with friends or dressing up- forget using cosmetics. Hence, Mom tried her best to introduce me to the world of kohls and lipsticks (and got her self introduced too!) but I ended up using Vaseline lip guard only as the substitute of the lipstick.

Time flew and I left home for my first job. I continued being the same for about one and a half years and then I met my best friend ever. Booom.... She got me my first ever Kajal. Back home, I guess my mom did a secret little celebration after seeing my photos with kohl and a lip tint!

Anyway, the inertia had just shifted but not much, hence for next four years I hardly used any other thing than a kohl pencil.

Then came the era of my own wedding, internet and Youtube. I got friends who loved make up and had the skill to really do the 'make up'. I struggled a lot to be like them - peer pressure or the pressure to look good even when you are stressing yourself like nobody's business by travelling every week to cities. Of course it reached only upto a BB creams and not even a foundation or a concealer- well, just to come back to a lip tint and a kajal. (In a way, I tried to go main stream but...)

Today, I hardly apply Kajal. Lipstick is something I flaunt when I have some corporate meetings or functions to attend. (My secret to be on time every single time) Though I never thought of my image as a  lady who is too simple, Until last week.

I was digging out deep in my office bag, hunting for my favorite pen. After a few seconds, I threw my patience out of the window and started taking out things out of the bag- wallet, diary, key-chains, lip balm, hard disk... Wait... Yeah a lip balm stick . Packaged in the Pinkiest ever body- almost like a lipstick- if you understand what I meant.

And... To my dismay... My colleague's eye caught its attention and said,

"Yeh kya hai.. Tumse yeh umeed nahi thi" ,with a cunning smile.

*Bubblegum thunking her head on a virtual wall*

Talk about expectations. Made up expectations. May be not.

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