January 18, 2017


I'm never surprised when some one comments on my hair calling it a big chunk of wires or 'Satya Saibaba'  or even 'Jatadhari'. Yes, I was christened 'Jatadhari' only because my hair could drink away a big bottle of coconut oil in a few minutes. I may be exaggerating but this is the only way one can understand what I'm trying to convey -the exponential growth over scalp and fizzy hair.

I've had my share of bad hair days or say years, but after I got myself a short hair-cut to flaunt, I was into a perpetual state of 'Happy Hair'. At least that is what I believed. Till today.

My director who is young (at heart) enough to get shooed away by me (thankfully), started laughing seeing me.

"How come your hair looks combed today", he said.

No, my friends. Neither I was not into a new swag nor I had invented a chemical to control my hair growth. 

I was wearing a scarf! 


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