January 25, 2017

Home (Town) is ....

Where winters are gorgeous and pink.
Where one has to wear slippers even at home.
Where I can get over flowing supplies of curd and butter milk, even in winters!
Where I get forced to apply lip balm every now and then. Winters are still lovely.
Where everything around is in order and beautiful done,thanks to my mommy dearest.
Where no one can sleep till even 9am. Again thanks to mommy but with a bit of support of our irregular maids!
Where I can get all the delicious heritage food dishes to hog on to.
Where I can just lie down in peace because hey, there is no noise at 12 am like Mumbai.
Where I shop shop shop and shop and never drop. Specially fabric! No town in the world can weave cotton thread, the way my home town does.
Where I can talk talk talk and talk with my entire clan because we all share the same frequency.
Where I can meet my bestie - Frock Buddy N( provided she is in the town) and chat, laugh, eat, laugh and chat.
Where I can open my mother's wardrobe and grab any saree from her beautiful collection, just for the sake of it.
Where my brother eats whatever I cook.Only if we have not had an argument before the dish got cooked!
Where I can get all my ID proofs' photocopies with lamination, tucked in my folder. In Mr.ISB's language, 'Isn't your mom awesome!'

Home (town) is really where that part of my heart is.

Even after so many years, the remaining part of my heart sinks when I leave the town.

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