February 15, 2017

Delhi Memory Trail

When the most awaited Delhi trip was about to get kicked off- I was buried in my laptop - struggling to make things work at office. To my dismay, I had to carry my laptop. No regrets, I could tick of the tasks on time, even when on trip. I wish my next vacation in Delhi to be laptop-less. (Mr.ISB can be seen rolling his eyes now)

I do not really like winters in Mumbai as it hardly makes you wear jackets, or go under-cover..uhmm under blanket, but when we landed, my winter deprived (Read: Real Winter Deprived) soul just jumped with joy - or partly it was shivering! Don't really think that it was easy- I had conveniently forgotten the Chudidar I was suppose to change to, on the airport and our luggage came after an hour of landing,which had anyway caused a delay of an hour. In short when we reached our friend's place (or should I say, the bride-to-be) - I was looking as shabby as I could with dead appetite- which I had not dreamed of. I meant, who the hell in Delhi can ignore the yummy food. Anyway, we were overjoyed chitchatting with the family hosting us and Mr.ISB's ISB friends (?) whom we were meeting after ages.

I can not skip mentioning the beautiful guesthouse, where we were graciously put to stay. Not in my life I have seen such a beautiful guest house- needless to say it was a Navy Guest House- full of flowers, plants and facilities. Sad, we could not use all of them but a walk in this place, next morning- made it up a bit in a way. Our small trip to my dad's favourite place - Khan market, a bit of shopping and lunch with friends - Delhi trip became a bit too difficult to balance at that point.

The subdued and classy Punjabi wedding can not be complete without delicious food and alcohol and that is what welcomed us both days. Those informal simple functions and a classy open farm wedding in Delhi winter- is something I can not describe in words. I was so excited that the undigested lunch in my stomach when created acidity and headache, and later made me vomit- could not hold me back. Once I puked, I was back in the enjoyment mode and oh boy, from decor to food to atmosphere to classy Delhi attire - I had it all around me. Before I forget the highlight of the wedding for me was flaunting the Haldi colored Banglore Silk gifted by my Kaki- such a gorgeous piece of fabric. (Just added in my to do list: Get a fancy blouse for it. Now!) I can not wait to flaunt other two sarees as well, if you are reading this, Kaki.

And the last day was completely given to my Frock Buddy N and our adventures while Mr.ISB left the city. Right from having my style of Adarakhwali chai, shopping, chit chatting, gossiping, laughing, forgetting wallet at home, metro rides, wine, food and Golgappa. It could not have been better. Well, it was not that easy again! The morning I had a flight appeared with an Uber strike and hence the whole wait-for-the-cab-and-then-get-the-cancellation mode,a kind Autowale chacha dropped me to the airport.

Even when I could hardly keep my eyes open in the office I went to, directly after landing in Mumbai- I was smiling from ear to ear.

Delhi, Bye till next time. Kohl laden eyes, Tangy Golgappa, Ethnic clothes and everything around. I would miss you.

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