February 23, 2017

Freshness Reloaded

When I say, my office is a mess- I am not exaggerating. The company being a startup, we do not have the privilege of getting fancy desks and lockers but we are not as poor as bootstrapping startups who dwell in garages. But, an OCD freak at home but liberal in office, that is yours truly can not really digest how other five guys can collectively make an office such a big mess. So much, that cables, old batteries, broken speakers (who would use speakers in office?) , old prototypes can be found every two steps you take inside our humble tiny abode.

We all together tried to change this situation. Even when a director of mine is very organized and cleanliness freak (Believe me, then also the result is dingy look alike office) ,we fail. Collectively fail. Every Single Time.

So finally, I stopped taking small measures like - putting more dustbins, keeping pens strictly in the holder and bla bla... And brought a couple of fresh Gerberas and put it in the same pen holder look alike mug.

My small way of reloading freshness and brightness (with strictly muted tones in this office of ex-consultants) in the office.


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