February 8, 2017

Chaitime Chitchat #7

In case you are wondering how am I getting my daily evening dose of chai after our canteen stopped working one day? Well,you guessed it right. I have done the Jugaad  of having the best of all the instant tea I could hunt for, in the office where we have a small pantry corner (which has the electric kettle). And no, I am not too sad about it as I have developed the taste for it. This happened ,after I had to drink the cutting chai mixed with kachcha milk on the near by tapari, just because I told him to make tea with less sugar. 'Yuck' was an understatement about what my taste buds had to go through and I could not drink tea any where except home for a week. I've finally started the instant tea and proudly call it  my savior. So, you enjoy your boiling hot tea- while I am done with preparing the instant tea. Shall we sit and talk?

Last few weekends for me were very very busy. Either with weddings or with short trips- which were fulfilling yet tiring. Hence when this Saturday I worked till 6 pm, I had reached the saturation point. I was exhausted beyond my limits and the head was throbbing with pain which ultimately led me to force my self to take a break on Sunday. I decided to do zero work. No cooking, No dusting, No helping any one - contrary to my habit of lending a hand, when any elderly person at home is working- come what may. I decided to really do what I wanted and which meant attending Kala Ghoda Festival. Yey!

KalaGhoda was a nice experience if not great. A super healthy lunch outside, shopping  at the festival and day dreaming about designing my garden window - Sunday was good. Of course, it ended with a shitty cup of coffee. I wish some day, I would get a real coffee when I really want it! Phew.

I have been lately suffering from stiff shoulder and neck spasm. Something in me says if this does not get resolved I should reach out to the doctor.  My touch-me-not nature every morning rejects the idea of going to the body spa while my fatigued-self in the evenings plans for the Spa session every day. In between my practical-self is planning to send my husband to learn back and shoulder massage. Well, kidding. He is already good at it, if he starts believing me that my back is not the punching back! I think I need to laugh more, on those 'Move- Aha se Aha tak' ads where husband softly massages wife's aching back.

I'm also planning to re-start my DIY drive and many more stuff. Apart from looking forward to my food & shopping filled upcoming Delhi trip (which is happening thanks to a friend getting married!)

Only if I've not jinxed it yet!


How are you guys doing?

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