March 5, 2017

A Nosy Affair

I am picky about cleanliness and organized surroundings. As much as I like to be lazy, I can never fall in the category of messy people. Exactly from where my husband belongs to. As he had said once, 'we are an organized chaos' together, one can imagine us together!

Needless to say, my mornings and weekends are generally spent in cleaning nook and corners of the room and the house (if not tired) if people leave me alone -Which is a primary condition my mind fetches for when I feel like de-fragmenting the house. I do not like people peeping through my spree at all. 

So when yesterday, my parents-in-law were not at home and the husband was glued to the sofa while my sister-in-law was cleaning her room, my 'requirements' to get into the 'cleaning' mode got fulfilled. I started throwing hoarded but useless things out, organized open shelves, changed sheets, cleaned the fridge (The husband also had to leave his 'Sinhasan' and help me to get things tidy in the drawing room for full five minutes) I had achieved 'Niravana' mentally by the time I was done. 

After taking bath and cooking, I took my kindle and started reading. 

Just when I was getting engrossed in the story, Mr.ISB got up and picked my nose and started rattling it. (The story behind this habit and love for my nose calls for another post!) I got really irritated.

"Are you cleaning out my nose ?", I feared my nose might get detached. I also wanted to be sarcastic and embarrass him by asking to put his fingers in my nose if he wants to really clean my nose! 

"Yes, You were cleaning  out every thing around, hence I thought of helping you out'"


I guess I married him because, hardly anybody comes back to me in such situations and He gets me every single time!

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