July 23, 2017

Chai time chitchat #10

Believe me, I want to change the title. It has been ages I had Adarakhwali Chai and for some reasons I have realized, I enjoy it more with certain sets of like minded people. With others, I do have Chai but it is merely a mechanical routine which calms my mind.

Life is floating, if this makes any sense. It becomes a rocky surfing experience and in a few days I would be sailing slowly.

My office work is again a combination of severe work load and chilled out moments. I am afraid of this comfort zone I have got into. May be it is a time to get something more for my career plan before I reach a point of no return. Talking about my office life, a lot has changed this year. Projects, staff, challenges with new recruits, a sense of being more responsible & at the same time, feeling the heart break while handling over the responsibility in the name of the work delegation. Phew.

Monsoons are here and believe me, I crave for filter coffee all the time. I don't think I can ever get fed up of monsoons. Ask an Amdavadi in Mumbai, we can never get enough of it. Can we?

I've started some craft projects which I must say are going good even when some of them resembles projects given to primary school students. But, I love them and I have realized that, it is the only thing which counts. Dancing and craft is more like talking to myself, pampering myself and enjoying. Close to Spa for me. (I can see raised eyebrows here!)

We watched 'Dunkirk' last weekend, and for a world war two junkie I loved the movie. I should give credits to the cinematography and the background score, both were out of this world.

I binge watched all the episodes of 'Rizzoli and Isles'; I could see myself and my frock buddy N in both the lead characters. ( Mathematically none of us resemble any of the characters in totality. It is more like 'Bubblegum+ frock buddy N= Rizzoli + Isles) I do not remember getting a better combination of crime thrillers with just a pinch of chick flick.

I am eagerly waiting for upcoming festivities and the wedding in the family. Okay, the second part would come with a lot of hard work but hey, where would be the fun otherwise.

How have you been guys?

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