August 18, 2017


If you are thinking this W.O.W stands for some random funny abbreviation then yes, you are right. It stands for Wrath Of WhatsApp.

Let me start from zero. When WhatsApp took birth I was already out of college and hence the 'teenager's new addiction' theory did not play well on me but you can say- it was fun to connect (Free Free Free), though my brother was already into the high school age which meant my mom cribbed to me many times about his 'All the time on WhatsApp' attitude towards relatives/guests put up at home. (I can not blame my brother, he is an introvert and general Indian relatives are not!)

After more than half a decade, WhatsApp has penetrated in India. It has reached places where basic electricity was scarce. Call it a development or the great Indirect marketing strategy, things have started to change in a big way. Our maids are on WhatsApp, Our milkmen and care takers are using it. We can place orders on it to our Sabjiwalas. But the wide spread usage has come with its own negativity in our social life. We have started being socially aloof in real life, with more connectivity in the virtual world. Well, that is not what I am going crib about today.

I am talking about rumors and mindless messages sent on WhatsApp by mommies, daddies and every person who forgets to think logically.

"UNESCO declared Indian National Anthem as the best Anthem in the world", now why an organization would do that. People knowing the significance of the Anthem in the world would doubt this message for sure. Many people do too, but how can you not spread this lie further when it takes a second to forward the message. For free.

"HIV virus got into the Coca Cola plant last week." This with a video, is the panic button for mommies who hate their kids drinking cold drinks. Don't get me wrong here, being a health freak I dislike fuzzy drinks but please not in the name of this so called awareness spreading drive. I guess the video is getting circulated since two years now.

"Swine Flu can be cured by eating some spices mixed with Ghee and Oil. No medicines needed." Or "Some lady in USA cured her cancer by reciting a Mantra of 'choose your religion' everyday". Wow, it has become so easy to fool people in the name of the religion or culture.

To my dismay such messages can reach to many people together, through WhatsApp groups. I do not exactly despise being social on WhatsApp, I dread being a part of any social not-so-like-minded groups. These groups mindlessly forward anything they get on WhatsApp, without thinking about the truthfulness/sources of the message or even the reputation being done on the group. Worst, they believe it to be true most of the time and make others' life hell too. Good old forwards of jokes are no more in the market now. Sad.

While, majority of my work related conversations happen on WhatsApp I dream of a world where I do not have to open the Application. Some people can not only do that but can absolutely get rid of it. My brother and my husband are very sorted personalities- One has exited the group without the slightest fear of missing out anything and the other behaves as if he does not exist on WhatsApp.

About me?

Well, I am still a victim of this wrath of WhatsApp and choose to listen to mindless-logic-less-advises on it. The only peace I have got is, I listen to most of these advises/news and throw them out of the window or the chat box.

And.. Never forward it to anyone.

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  1. You are very correct. WhatsApp has reached where even electricity is not there. A few (really very few) messages and videos may be useful but as you say, it makes others' life a hell!

    I have a few contacts who have WhatsApp but I am daily bombarded with all kinds of things. I don't feel like exiting because a few of the messages are useful but these are only minuscule.

    And I have made it a principle not to forward except a very few to the wife.