September 12, 2017

Chai time chitchat #11

Isn't it little too long I wrote anything? I knew this in fact, on each passing day but either it was my week long illness, post recovery or nothingness in a hectic 'some what happening' life, which eventually resulted in absenteeism on the blog.

Let me start with the viral infection I was down with. After reaching a very very high temperature, I was given very very high power antibiotics which in turn gave me (I am tempted to write 'very very') weakness and bad stomach for weeks. It was a disaster and it took me around four five days, only to digest that even I, who was always a stronger (My daddy is the strongest otherwise, followed by my brother which leaves me and mom..well..) person in my family during illness, can also get affected. And how. Anyway, I am fine now. Doing decent.

In other news, Mr.ISB flew to Copenhagen which means I would be relaying on digital communication to know whereabouts of the introvert guy. Phew. I won't say I am going to miss him like nobody's business, because in comparison with last year's four months pilgrimage of his highness' - ten twelve days seem easy. Also, I have plans to paint a bit, which is easier in his absence thanks to my anxiety of getting my art supplies spoiled due to his unintentional stormy presence in the room.

Work. Now, work front is getting difficult day by day, thanks to every one in the team falling sick one by one, due to different sickness. As much difficult  the job is getting, I am becoming more disciplined about using my time I am in office, efficiently. Hopefully, I would stick to the regime. 

I'm in search of a few activities which let me be in a state of flow. May be painting, dancing, music or reading.May be, I should pick the ones which are constant in giving out moments of joy. (Books and films are making me too sentimental now a days- looks like I am becoming my mom! Oh my God, no!) How do we find out , what we really want?

About walking. I love walking. With my husband. With my friends. With my uncle and aunt from US of A. I feel, I remember all of them more when I walk over a street, while observing bright colorful fruits and vegetable stalls, cars passing by, people chit chatting with vendors, buildings standing tall since ages. I like being in a well of memories or may be something which has never happened. 

How are you guys doing?

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