October 5, 2017

Screen Show

Bubblegum excitingly showing a video of a very classy home to Mr.ISB, on YouTube.

(Bubblegum is a very decor loving lady here. She likes to keep on changing decor of her home, using different DIY ideas and what not.)

Mr.ISB (with a bit of hesitance):  I think I have already seen it.

(Mr.ISB is not exactly a decor loving guy (more of a movie loving guy) here. Well, he is agnostic to atmosphere around him. He is unknowingly a minimalist person in his mind - A bedroom should have a comfortable bed. In real life, it depends how many cables he can ignore around him.)

Bubblegum assures that it is the first time, she is showing this video to him. And the video starts..

It starts with a warm, bright and sunny drawing room and a spare room. Bubblegum is busy devouring the beauty and Mr.ISB likes it, but not sure about how he should express the same. And then, it is now bedroom- that they are showing.

A bed room with a very cool bed, a sunny corner with a rock chair to read on, a book shelf and a classy dressing table. Bubblegum is immersed in the dream world and Mr.ISB shows the excitement, suddenly.

Mr.ISB: Oh look, there is a television in the bedroom. That is the best part of the entire decor video.

Bubblegum rolling her eyes in clockwise and  anti-clockwise directions, one after another.

No, Bubblegum is still not with the idea of having a seperate television in any other room than the drawing room. Does it even matter in the era of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, anyway?

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