October 23, 2017

Diwali 2017

Generally a month before Diwali is when I start getting adrenaline rush in my system for the festivities. Right from hunting for that gorgeous designs for two Rangolis I make with traditional powder colors. (Isn't it sad to see quick fix ready made-studded Rangolis now?) to searching for ways to add new bright colored fabric to make the house look alive, I plan it all. This Diwali it was different.

I did not realize that Diwali is close, till the conversation with mom who reminded me to apply 'Gheru' in a day. Yes, a day before 'Vag Baras'. It was not only a sad realization, it was also shattering as Diwali is one of my most favorite festivals. I would blame it on the work. After working for twelve hours a day, I think it is humanly impossible to prepare for Diwali. Though after the 'realization' event, I took the case in my hand. Buying snacks and sweets to gift to relatives, preparing Diyas, Taking out Rangoli colors from attics, buying new colors (at 8.30 pm, no less!) and a pair of new clothes for myself- I tried to do it all.

Well, a grave mistake but a happy one. I was dead tired by the day Diwali arrived- does not mean I missed visiting 7-8 relatives in two days (I don't get leaves any way!) I would have preferred a happier and relaxing Diwali but who gets it all. 

Creating two really rough Rangolis (So 'rough' that somebody in the building ruined the same in flat two hours!) and one elaborated Rangoli for the main two days of Diwali, Flaunting my grandmother's dull cream Banarasi with new shiny black brocade blouse in the office, Creating tiny Rangolis in office, feeling really fancy in the understated maroon and purple colored Patola of my mom, wearing heavy silver Jhumkhas and spending busy hours with Mr.ISB. I think I geared up pretty well.

I just wish for a calmer Diwali next year where I don't have to brave my fatigue to fulfill my wishes to enjoy festivities.

How was your Diwali? Ah, Happy Belated Diwali !!

Would you like to see my Rangoli??

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