November 2, 2017

Not So Saree State of Mind

I love dressing up for Indian weddings. Now don't get me wrong, nobody can do it without shopping clothes worth flaunting. My general expectation is that a virtual weaver should come to me, discuss designs with the 'slender' me, get all of them made in two three days and then I am all ready to rock and roll. Obviously, every single data point (How engineerish!) is a pure work of fiction. Because, as much as I love browsing elegant clothes, I dread going to actual shopping and decide on a single outfit.

So now when there is a big wedding coming up in the family , my mommy is over enthusiastic (and nervous) about my future attires. (How hopeful, I bought the simplest costume to wear in my own wedding. I never stopped loving understated elegant clothes but that calls for another post. Basically I hate shopping 98% of times) While fed up of discussions about what to use with my 7 kg Lehenga (In the song 'Ghoomar', Deepika could dance in 30 kg lehenga!?) I got from my in-laws as a gift and in which function I should wear that yet to weave elegant saree I have not bought..

Me: (Typing in full speed) How did I decide so fast on which wedding saree to wear, How did you survive with my such an attitude, Mom?

Mumma: I was not worried about your shopping phobia back then,  I was thankful in you deciding on getting married only

Well I always knew, I could have been taking no stand to get married at all, if Mr.ISB never entered the picture.

Now mommy dearest knows too.


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