November 6, 2017

Chai Time Chitchat #12

Now, this November there would be a lot of  Halchal in my daily schedule.

Fortunately and Unfortunately timing of my work ramping up with one of the most important projects is clashing with family-wedding preparation phase at home. I do not want to even imagine how I might struggle to keep up both the stuff alive but I have decided to let it flow on its on.

Then there is this severe neck pain resurfacing back and the stagnancy I have hit in my fitness drive. I have to confess, I am failing to work out every morning but I try to be active all day long. So much that at the end of the day my legs cry. Literally.

Also, a trip back home is shaping up with our Chheda Chhedi (Don't ask, this ritual is generally done after the wedding in my husband's family where the Sister In law unties the wedding knot in the temple and then is gifted the same bridal saree/dupatta given by the in laws to the bride. Don't ask why.) ritual in another town. This time, I swear, I am dying to go home to meet my family and frock buddy N. Really I am. I am not a person who craves to this extent to visit home. People change!

With the shopping spree which kicked off a bit late for the Sister In law, who is getting married next year, I have to decide on my own outfits. The task is daunting because, now I am not the bride so my mother can not ask me to say 'yes' to whatever is given by in laws (or any one for that matter) and sadly, my taste is very understated if you compare it with my MIL and SIL's taste. Luckily, my husband has a very very elegant taste in clothes for me. Hence, this time I might be braving the expectations by others.

There is another pressure of looking young. Not that I am worried, but it kind of irks me out when people throw related statements, even when they do not mean to create the pressure. I am of the same age as my SIL, who is petite and like most of the petite people she has a baby look even at thirty. I am far from being petite. I have the average height of an Indian woman (not tall!) and a well built plump figure with high cheek bones. I would not look younger than my age ever. I look like exactly of my age if not old. So when I announce, I want to wear a saree- the next statement is always, how a saree makes me look not-so-young. These statements only rekindles my love for sarees but some where at the back of the mind - I struggle with myself. As much as I love elegance, I believe in aging gracefully. I am not sure how to answer such statements which compel me to try to look young. (I am sure, petite people like my SIL struggle with body shaming too!)

I am not sure if this soon to be thirty body is creating havoc or I am just into a difficult state of mind, where I crave to talk to my own people. Possibly like minded ones. Every day I manage to snatch time to spend from husband's (and mine) schedule but hello, is there any body else? Anybody else I can crib about multifaceted war I am braving? Or it is not a war, but a phase?

Whatever it is.  I am going to sail through.

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