December 4, 2017

Oh, Holidays

So a couple of months back, both of us with my in-laws and Sister-in-law designed this multi-directional trip to several places together. As we have a wedding in the family, we had to do a short pilgrimage and a small post-wedding (our wedding) ritual in a couple of small towns in Gujarat apart from visitng Mr.ISB' maternal family in MIL's home town. Now, I am not a very temple loving person and I was also stretching at office - hence was not really enthusiastic about this trip. (There was a silver lining called Ahmedabad at the end which kept me motivated!)

But, let me tell you- as soon as we boarded the train to this small town called Bhavnagar from Mumbai - I was as excited like a kid,eager to enjoy train travelling. I am not sure how many years ago I traveled such long distances with the family, taking over the entire compartment and eating home made food, just to do time pass. My usual Ahmedabad-Mumbai train journeys are nothing but a bedding to sleep over night. Ah!

Anyway, visiting my MIL's home and tales she has been telling so far , was nothing but enjoyment. Not to forget, apart from a few calls from office I was completely off work. 

We then moved from Bhavnagar to our Kuldevi temple which is actually a Shiva temple in the interior area called Thapa Dungar. I am agnostic to religions but if there is any temple which I found to be not interfering with any one's financial status, clothes, rituals or even nature- it has to be this. A small family managed oldish stone temple with no noise but chirping of birds, managed to give a lot of peace. Something I never get from visiting temples unlike most of the people in my family. Oh, and this decor lover loved the french style bougainvillea on the gate of the temple.

Who wants flower decoration made by man when the nature decorates the temple with creepers!

No marbles, No Gold plated pillars or gates- temples can be simple too!

Shiva Linga which the priest gladly let us click. The white Potali has our wedding card in it and well, no luxuriously made statues here!
After soaking ourselves in the peaceful atmosphere, we moved to a town called Palitana where we stayed over night and visited two Jain temples situated at the foot of the main hill. Again, these temples were made from stone and had a lot of history attached to it. Their age old aura sadly was too crowded to feel and too ritualistic to dwell into but as a first time visitor I really enjoyed. Not to forget Bhel and curd we hogged on to after we were done with temple visits.

Now, it was the time for me to reunite with my parents. After a journey of four hours we all reached home in Ahmedabad. A comfortable evening at home and time spent together by both families would be nice to remember forever. 

Needless to say, next day we shopped shopped and shopped. Once my in laws, husband and SIL left, I repeated the shopping part, apart from spending time with my brother and parents in every possible way. Ah, not to forget time spent with Frock buddy N (if I could write another post about it!) and with two swings in our balcony which is my favorite place at home.

Obviously, when it was time to leave, I felt as if I am transitioning to a different world. I think, I am suffering from hangover. 

Anyone for coffee? 


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