December 7, 2017

Inside Out

That day I was tired. Understatement. I wanted to just collapse in the office but the saner me said, my juniors would follow me then. So, I reached home and directly banged into our room to change to my super comfortable night dress which consists husband's over sized Tee and Pajama (Pajama is mine, of course!)

By mistake, I switched on the night lamp. My fatigued self asked me to ditch the efforts to go back to the correct switch and straight away change. Now in that dim light- what I did was my sheer laziness to check the status of clothes.

I wore the T-shirt inside out.

Lets not get into where all I wondered in this attire but when Mr.ISB pointed it out to me, I cringed and refused to correct my mistake. Instead I just went straight to the bed.

And... Then, Mr.ISB appeared in front of my eyes,

"Look, I am giving you a company.  I am wearing the T- shirt inside out too!"

I smiled and snored away to glory with this amazing feeling.

*In side out in love*

Khi Khi!

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