December 28, 2017

The year it was, 2017!

Now I need to blog about two versions for this year. It is a bit of injustice to put stark contrasts in one single post but the lazy hyper me (another contrast) wishes to put it on a single post.

It is difficult to describe month by month like I always do this year, because I am in a fuzzy state of mind- the last quarter of the year was just too fast to digest things while the first three quarters were more like a combination of struggle and stagnancy (Contrast, I tell you!) while growing as a person and also as a couple.

Vacations. Well, I have to mention a friend's wedding at Delhi which I really really enjoyed. Now, every one knows my love for winters. Beside one vomit episode thanks to food I had stuffed myself with and a bit of frustration caused by poor management in the office- I was smitten by Delhi weddings! Another vacation happened in Kerala and honestly, we did nothing. While that was the most relaxing part, it could not serve the purpose of exploring a new place ,but relaxed atmosphere was something which really helped me to understand myself better. A trip to our Kuldevi's temple before a month was fun, clubbed with shopping hopping at home in Ahmedabad. I wish for one BIIIG and one small vacation next year some how.

On my personal projects, my garden is now a budding every day thing. I lost a couple of plants in October heat, only to revive them this month. Beside that episode, it was a real prosperous year. With the numbers of wine bottles in my window garden shows really a high point of plants. Khi Khi.
While I missed creating even a small card for Mr.ISB's birthday thanks to wedding preparations at home, I managed to whip up two Ganpati Frames this year, along with one rangoli and two cards for other family members. While I am on top of one of my dream (or the start of dream) project, if I finish it beautifully it would get a mention on the blog for sure.

A real low point came some where in the middle of the year when twenty two people died on a staircase of the Railway Station in Mumbai, just because of discipline issues. This is the staircase I use daily to reach office and I missed the accident by half and hour. Anxiety of falling sick a few days ago, with very high temperature while making an effort to even dial some one to help me could not subside as well. For almost more than a month, these memories kept on appearing in front of me. Darker times were created by my own mind. Juggling fears, office work and home did not help me much but some how time heals everything. The saying is no more a cliche for me. I won't say that fears won't come back, but I am aware that that shall pass too.

Fitness. While nothing can be more important than this. I did not put on for sure this year, apart from one or two times I crossed self imposed limits- just to fall back in place. While I still struggle to maintain my fruits and vegetable intake, water in take is something I need to work upon. I have also started clubbing walking and staircase climbing etc in my daily life. I think, I am in love with the french way of staying fit.

Career. One big and One small incident happened where I messed up the situation but I learnt from it. We are at a stage where we are facing sever ramping up issues. Needless to say, managing 30 people across India apart from my regular team was more than challenging, it is challenging even now but some where in between frustration I have begin to grow as a boss!! Khi Khi.

Majority of the chunk of this year was spent in setting up, planning and preparing for my SIL's wedding. The last part is now at the most intense stage. Shopping for clothes, ornaments, gifts, luggage and what not is being done and well, I would conclude this post by quoting my inner feelings for my parents, now when I am experiencing the intensity of managing a wedding as a daughter in law.

How the hell did you guys manage three days of wedding, accommodation for guests, meals, bridal shopping (the only thing where I contributed) and also a journey to Mumbai for the reception- on your own? The only person whose help was taken was my Brother.

How did you do it, Mom Dad???

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