January 23, 2018

Chai Time Chitchat #13

No, I have not fallen off the edge of the earth. I am still alive, wondering how to even start expressing myself through this keyboard. My blog deserves some updates and while I waited for that 25 hours-day to get over, I decided to pull out a chair in the drawing room amidst indoor plants, with a cup of adarakh wali chai. (I plan to revive the tradition of having tea with ginger once wedding at home is over! Also the above drawing room is a work of fiction)

  • Office. As the financial year in India ends in March I can safely say that this year seems to be the best, so far for our startup. (As if I own one!) That also means, we have more work than ever and we are struggling to keep our sanity level on check. The situation is good in a longer run if we take the correct decisions on time. As of now, I need a 30-hours day to maintain my work-lifewedding-at-home balance.
  • Home. It is all about wedding. The to-do lists keep on increasing and functions are approaching. While I try to be the perfect daughter-in-law (No pressure, blood in my veins needs perfection) but many a times fail because, office. Taking leaves is a problem too while the entire society is asking about it. "Your sister-in-law took 15 days off in your wedding." - for once, she did not like her work at that time and she had excess amount of leaves. I have 20 leaves to take in a year, if I take 15 now - how am I going to live my own life this year? Well, I can answer people only in my head.
  • Painting. I crave to paint stuff. Looking at photos of bottles, canvases, boxes and also a patch of wall- my director had declared to hide stuff from me before I start painting in office. Well, not a bad idea.
  • I  have these grand plans to style our flat and throw a few house parties. I should have included in new year resolutions but I am sure this is not happening in first two quarters. The mind does not even go beyond the wedding date. Indian weddings are fun for only guests may be.
  • In other news, Mr.ISB is again on his business pilgrimage to Scandinavia. Not that we can not survive the wedding preparations phase without him (I am my dad's daughter, can manage the mayhem, says my dad always) but it is always good to have him beside me when I begin to lose my sanity. Ok, he can do it over a call also. He can soothe my rough side or show me the mirror too. Don't you think, the best thing to happen in the world is to get the husband who is your best friend too? Oh, I was talking about our long distance relationship. I call (Read: Consoled myself) it a break to reinvent ourselves. 
  • Anger. I am angry at things. It happens when you do not have control over others' mouths when you are hosting the wedding. You feel extreme injustice many a times but apart from anger for a while it invokes my self respect. Also 'Karma' may be blesses me a little late, but that is okay. 
  • Cold. I have made a friendship with a strange type of Bactria. It just accumulates cough in my lungs. Blocks my nose. A bit of headache but refuses to budge. Nothing, nothing is unblocking my throat, lungs or nose. Nothing. I do enjoy Himesh Reshamiya songs though, at his point of time! 
  • How about a post listing things I want to do post these functions? I have scattered ideas all around but come on, there are days I can not even think about what to do tomorrow thanks to the fatigue. 
  • If any soon to be married couples are reading this - Please please focus on one super grand function if you have to have a wedding. Rest, should be toned down. Saved money can be used in buying houses, going on a vacation or investing in mutual funds (I'm tempted to mention - Subject to market risk, read the offer documents carefully!) or the best is to - let your parents keep it as a safety budget or the vacation fun, it is their hard earned money. We, as a couple regret many times that we could have stepped in and ignore the splurge. 
Anyway, hope to see you post wedding with another cup of Meriwali Chai! 

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