January 31, 2018

Wedding Mayhem

I am not even kidding when I say, I would have dropped the plan to get married if I knew my parents would also have to work like crazy to host a wedding. (I'm sure Mr.ISB's parents also worked really hard but sadly in India, bride's side has to do a lot more than the groom's family. Well...)

I always thought my wedding was exactly opposite of a piece of cake - traveling every weekend, either to Ahmedabad or to Mumbai had made sure that I do not have many choices while selecting my trousseau or gifts by in-laws. It also made sure that I get tired to no limits and stop feeling even a bit of excitement. My memories related to my wedding is close to zero.

Well, I have another opinion now, after a little more than three years. I think my wedding was easier than this one-city-fifty-fifty wedding of my Sister-in-law. It is a human tendency to start preparations late if you have a lot of time in hand. You have twenty choices to select your bridal wear, trousseau , decor etc. Both families share the cost, than taking up responsibilities of different functions , which means for that color of the bow tie on the covered chair has also to be agreed by six people from both families. Well, you get my point. Sibling's wedding is difficult to sustain than your own - Moral of the story.

I am living in the world where I have the most critical projects going on in the office. I am also suppose to go to designers to get myself a fitted attire for each function and help my Sister-in-Law and Mother-in-Law with the same. I have also enthusiastically (or over) taken up responsibilities of getting invitation cards printed, labelled and couriered to the respective guests' location. Oh, not to forget inviting a few of families and friends personally. Small jobs to keep up the hygiene level and the looks of home to the mark, are also taken up yours truly after evening. Guests have started coming home as well.While I love talking to relatives, the office job and other stuff suck my energy to even smile at them. God knows, how my parents did it while I was in a far away land, working in my then-office Pune.

The wedding functions kicked off last week with a couple of rituals at home, in which we hosted around 35 people in our Mumbai apartments. Lets not even start discussing about that day- Lets just say that I decided to order a couple of stretchers made for me and my MIL after the biggest and the last event is over. We want to reach home that night, you see.

I just hope writing this post takes away my pain and gives me some energy to enjoy functions for which we all have worked our hearts out.

Let's see!

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