January 9, 2018

Resolutions 2018

Last year, I had decided to develop/change three aspects of my life - anger management, fitness and involvement. I thought, I should start from the follow up for three of them before putting up resolutions for this new year.

Anger Management/Patience: While I had plugged both the virtues together, I would say I grabbed many many situations to display my patience this year and missed a few in terms of anger management. I surely need to control my temper which hurts me more than any one else but I have realized, it should build in me organically. Consciously trying for it is affecting me negatively in a longer run.

Sometimes, people can not accept you with your flaws. It is human, hence ignoring that part would be a good deal. My voice is considerably high when I explain things, which is a part of my personality. I have been reminded of the same every day since I have shifted to this city. I tried many a times but this is something which is in my genes - high pitched voice! Unfortunately, people are still struggling to know me/accept me. I tried keeping mum, suppressing my opinions/explanations to avoid misconceptions regarding my attitude, but in vein. While I am trying to change myself, it hurts me a bit too much when people lecture me on how I am aggressive in the room full of saints. Needless to say, the intimidating personalities like mine are clueless when people ask them to change the core nature, just because they don't like it. I have not reached a point of self agreement on this.

Fitness: This followed a sine wave this year. While I started with a good note, around August I was detected with a sink in hemoglobin, Vitamin D and B12 levels. While I'm back on both grounds- with the help of diet and some medicines - I wish I could do away with fatigue I catch in case of exertion. The neck spinal issue which surfaced this year (aging!), is not resolved but now I know that postures are more important than I used to think of. With many lessons learnt, at the end I am satisfied with my performance on this resolution. I wish I would lose some weight as well in the new year, in a fit way though.

Involvement: This has backfired. I have made two huge mistakes in my job thanks to this 100% involvement formula. I kid you not, my brain works better if I am doing minimum two things together. No, it does not include music unfortunately- even if it is one of my favorite songs it has to be paused while I am working. But to be frank, this reality has stuck now and I am already working on it. The new year would hopefully being back to the grind in a more efficient way.


Now, its time to declare my resolutions for the year 2018. Unlike last year, this year I am going to make concrete goals. Just like a check list! (I can see my husband rolling his eyes - one more list!)

Health Goals:
  1. I would walk for 30-40 minutes five days a week, or a good old run would do too
  2. I would use staircase to climb up once a day, up to fifth floor at least
  3. I would maintain my water intake at any cost
  4. I would start to cook the way I want to. Sauteed Vegetables, Slow cook Pasta, Roasted Vegetables, Garlic Spinach Bhaji, Caramelized Pear, Garlic Tomato Soup, Leek Soup etc. 
  5. More fruits please. Last three months of increased fruit intake has suppressed bouts of flu. Hence, it clearly works for me and needless to say, I love fruits. It is easy peasy! 
Personal Project Goals:
  1. Driving (I see Red, People!)
  2. One Trip to any place in India (A family wedding can be an excuse)
  3. One Biiiiig vacations outside India
  4. Do more Gardening. I have realized, that is something which puts joy in our little bedroom. 
  5. Decor. This area has got my focus more than ever. Some day re-writing rules to design furniture would enter in my main agenda. Some day.

I am sure these goals are not that difficult to achieve but my current schedule would not let all of these things fit in easily. Lets see. Wish me luck!

Did you guys make any resolution this year?

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