April 12, 2018

Early Birthday Surprise

Surprises arrive only when you are not expecting a thing from this universe.

(Also, because you are tired, dull and ..well.. grumpy and irritated to even think about your birthday)

Last Saturday (Yes, my lord. I have six days working week) started with a lot of work, a lot of is an understated phrase but I would stop at that. Amidst all the tick mark to-does, I was pulled into two hours review for the year. Obviously it went well but a review is a review is a review. (No, I am not high. Just..well... dull tired post migraine) So the stress ache my body gets had surfaced already when I left office at 6 pm. The thumping head ache made me almost cancel meeting my best friend R (who is in the town for a few days) but then I do not have my own friends in the town generally. So, missing this would be very disappointing. Mr.ISB also was of the same opinion. (He is always like that, but I figured out the real motive afterwards)

I went back home for fifteen minutes, had tea to make myself headache free (just to postpone it for three four hours) and left for the venue we had decided.

When R arrived, it was magic. We started chatting about all sorts of things. 'Everything under the sun' is the correct statement there. I was also excited for the new phone Mr.ISB had got me on the same day. Just when I thought- oh my god time is running out and I am not sure when I would be able to meet her again and how would I be able to meet rest of my buddies again- she started smiling. Almost like Monalisa, albeit with a lot of alcohol before flaunting the fishy smile. I stared her for a while and looked back.


I saw three buddies behind my back. (who had planned this surprise behind my back only, one of the three was, needless to say, Mr.ISB)

This was a real real real surprise. My complaint to the universe about people not planning to give me surprises in general, went straight to the dustbin flying in the rings of Saturn (Please do not take this statement literally!)

We all met after three and half years. Yes! I could not believe my eyes.

Time just flew by and I wanted to cling on to the evening. Well....

Only if...


Approaching 30s is not exactly an exciting era for me but this surprise along with a couple of happy gifts from Mr.ISB, made it already exciting!

Birthday is yet to come. Hence, wishes would be accepted only on the day.

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