May 1, 2018

Chai Time ChitChat #15

We finally did it. Took a much needed vacation to another country.

While a blog post dedicated to all the pretty artistic and historic places we visited and seized, is pending I would like to just pull a chair along with a cup of simmering hot Adarakhwali chai and chat.

As much as I love being home, snug up under the blanket while reading my favourite book, I love exploring new places and feel them like local people. The amount of stress we both went through in last three months - office and wedding at home - we were bound to feel fresh after the vacation we took. That is what has happened.

Vacations are magic. I was suspecting a severe jet-leg (and mental hangover) after coming back but I am already feeling fresh. Everything seems new. Irritations are yet to resurface. Energy levels have gone up even when the sun is scorching hot. I am not sure how much it would sustain but who cares? Why to worry about sustainability of happiness when you can enjoy every second of it.

What did we do in Italy? Well, aren't you hopeful that I would write a post if not couple of them on the trip? If no, let me tell you what did we do.

We walked, we ate (Like our Kaki says, No food can be bad in Italy), we observed, we drank, we walked, we climbed, we hiked, we watched movies, we slept of like logs and we talked, talked and talked. If you know my husband is a man of few words, I must say he is not a chatterbox like me but lets say his words are seasonal. Luckily the weather was perfect otherwise too.

Now when we are back in the most humid city I have ever lived in after Singapore (Wait, I have lived in total five cities only) it is not taking a toll on me. I may be too early to write about it, but I'm already feeling bold enough to brave it.

Of course, I miss the no-sweat-and-a-jacket weather, greenery around, delicious pasts and croissants with coffee but then the comfort of your own bed is also a thing.

What do you think about Vacations? Are you a home snob or globe trotter?

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