June 5, 2018

Rain Rumblings

This unexplained break from blogging is something I want to wash off, just like the first rain of the season washed off the cluttered mind last late evening.

My heart craved for that cup of tea with really high amount of ginger which would perfectly amalgamate with the smell of hot and dry 'Mitti' soaked in the water. Wind blew really hard and trees danced. Monsoon is the freshness we all need in our lives more than this environment I felt.

Happiest were my plants who are now waiting for some new pals to give them company. Gardening in monsoon is always a good idea anyway.

Another combination is dancing and rains. There is nothing like keeping windows and doors open and dance like no one is watching. I have done that a lot in my childhood. Have you ever done it?

Being one crazy Amdavadi, how can I forget 'Dalvada' with 'Mirchi'? Is it just the craving or is it the feel of being in Ahmedabad I am missing, sometimes I wonder.

At some time in your life, you realize that nothing is more important than you feeling happy from inside, keeping aside those unfinished tasks and dreams in your eyes.

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