June 15, 2018

Char Baat

"Which invention by humankind which you feel, we could have done without?"

"Plastic?? ummm... No No, It is religion. I am confident."

Both smiled in consent, resuming eating the delicious food served on the plate.


"Which invention do you think was the most important one to change the world, the way it is today."



"Do you know Hanuman had a son?"

"Yes, Makardhwaj."

"Oh!!!", She is in awe.


"Which one is your favorite book of this life time till now?"

"Ummm.... Pollyenna had a great effect one me. What about yours?"

"You could have guess it. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie!"

Both deep dives again into their own thoughts. May be difficult to pick one book?


Ladies and Gentleman, last evening we celebrated the fourth anniversary of our marriage and these are typical conversation we have on all our dates even now!

We are a conversation converted into a couple.
Conversations like these, help us thrive even now.

Happy Anniversary, Mr.ISB.


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