June 20, 2018

The Recycled Bin, Or Not

Was it only me or every set of parents tease their kids that they are adopted? I think, my mom played the elder sibling (generally siblings tease each other in such a fashion) when it comes to playing jokes.

For example, In her jokes I was(Am) the daughter of one of the maids working in the society who used to scare me. My brother was (is) my real brother (Gosh, even in jokes he follows me *eye rolls*) but the kid from the same mother. The story is that the lady kept on throwing her kids (us) in the dustbin and my mother (who plays the lead role) kept on adopting kids. Thankfully she stopped at two.

How we were found with a lot of garbage on us and how we are still messy (Even when she kept on scrubbing us for months!)- was the main story when we were growing up. My mother is very very creative and weaving every 'messy' thing we do , with our fictional genes was (and it is still going stronger) her hobby when we were kids.


So, a day back one of my cousins with her two years old kid visited my parents I was really curious to know how my niece is doing. To my dismay she is exactly like her mom and me, the proud Masi. Really. She does not go to any one else but her mom. Nobody should try playing with her. Nobody should try to make her talk. Or else, a low high pitch cry will follow the act. Yes, I was that irritating too. So much that I used to accompany my mom to the loo. It amuses me even now how my Fai ( the same cousin's mother) and my mom managed us; also get one kid each after us!

So when round #I-dont-count-anymore story of how irritating we were, was going on..

Yours Truly Bubblegum: Mom, didn't you feel like throwing me (the toddler) out in the garbage?

Mother of Bubblegum: Arrey, I got you from the garbage only na! There was no option.

*Rolling Eyes*

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