July 21, 2013

Angels and Demons.

I am not talking about the book. I am talking about real like angels and demons. I mostly avoid using the word 'Demons' for people, here when I am writing this I would like to clarify.

Angels are a bunch of people, who make me feel special, relaxed and secured. He or she makes me feel home from anywhere. Home is where the heart is and my heart feels home where these angels are. Talks or even being with them in the mute mode ( which is unlikely for yours truly) comfort me. I feel secured, emotionally. I feel the calmness which I crave in stress. No, they don't give me solutions. I hate being spoon fed. They give me that peace of mind which is important to solve any problem surfacing in my life.

Then there are demons. They manage to gift me discomfort and stress even by looking at me. Just like those monsters in virtual games and films. I try to find positive feeling from the meeting or the talk but I get petrified in each of those attempts. Demons are of course 0.5% percent of people whom I meet, but that small bunch sometimes affects me in a manner where angels have to appear.

Gossiping, stalking, jealousy and show off. These factors make demons for me. They are biggest turn offs. Friendliness, fun, smiles and positive aura make angels for me. An angel makes me feel light, an angles just calls me and talks everything but not the issue and I am awesome, an angle shoots me with sunshine and I smile. I am blessed.

To those angels, even to those demons. May I become an angel in lives of both. 

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  1. Yes, that is the correct way - become an angel to both angels and demons who come your way.

    Good post!