July 4, 2013

The chase.

It is fresh in my mind. Some one has opened the valve of the nozzle sprinkling sorrow. There are fronts I am fighting at. There are dreams carved by me, I am fighting for. Let me be clear, this word 'fighting' doesn't mean fighting with some one. It says, I am fighting against odds. Just cleared it out as I know this word made my world upside down a few years before.

Being at home and being nearer to loved ones, are two positive things. May be only positive things in my life as of now. Suddenly I am falling into a well, full of depression and darkness. I try everyday, to shower some positive feelings. It works for a while and I am back to square one.

Even in my dreams, I scream so that I can come out of some cage. The cage where I am comfortable but I want challenges. Challenges which can develop me.

Nothingness in a life of a hyper active girl can create a havoc. A messy one. I am suffering. Imagine I have not played a single prank in last three months. Just imagine.

My family and buddies are standing just beside me but I can not show them that I am weak. I cant cry in front of them. They give me courage, I understand their constant tries to make me smile. What can I do?

My decisions, my ethics, my wishes, my dreams. I am chasing everything. 

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