July 15, 2013

Hide, Seek and Scribble

Of course, I was not very fond of this game in my childhood as I was quite dull and fearful to let my people go away and worst, being all alone, trying to find them. Little less I knew, I would enjoy it in my twenty fifth year.

I found myself suddenly hiding from all social networking platform. I was addicted to each of them once in my life and here I was feeling detached to all of them. There was this one platform - Blogging which made me come back on the internet and let me finish the game of 'Hide and Seek'! This decision was not made by me, actually situations did not permit me to cater to my addictions. Oh boy the peaceful life I enjoyed in the absence of such addictions. Of course I might come back once in a while on such platforms, but as of now I very well know, how I missed the 'real' life.

The 'seek' part which ended up with falling ill due to variations in atmospheres in the western parts of India but it made me learn management of billions of tiny feelings. Today when I have entered the quarter life crisis state, I feel my life can change at any moment of time, I am soon realizing the fact that I am slowly graduating towards that 'change'. Okay, now don't raise your eyebrows, changes are unknown and will be discussed over here as well.

The last one year which witnessed myself changing in each spheres of my life, is still giving my hormones a tough time. The impulsive Bubblegum starts responding in place of reacting, some times she cries out loud seeing huge uncertainties striking ahead, sometimes Bubblegum knows what she wants from life and some times she thinks if she will be loved by her own people for her unique and mad band of thoughts.

Anyway, days have passed in this same confused state of mind, I decided to blog out it. May be after years, while having a cup of adrakh wali chai , I laugh on myself reading this blog.

The wisdom and the luck shall strike soon, Amen.

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