July 19, 2013

Randomness strikes!

My life is moving on a hilly terrain, smooth yet changes directions every now and then. Of course, at the age of twenty five, people (relatives) if not hormones play a crucial role in disturbing your usual state of mind. Some thing or the other thing, big and small, keeps on happening and either I demotivate my self to push it on my blog for some reasons or people demotivate me unknowingly. In this confusion, I have five six drafts in my inbox which I wanted to publish and never did.

Introspection is an obsession now. I discover new weaknesses and new strengths in me, every now and then. Discouraged by many and encourages by my own people, I try to find my way in the blurred atmosphere. Thankfully, my people understand me and let me take time to move on another confusion. :D

Reading and photography are my constant companions, I try to cling on to them constantly. I eat, rather try to digest each book I read, my mom is fed up supplying me new books. It is that strange atmosphere when you know, you need a change but you cant do anything about it. You need to flow through.

I keep on thinking about work- life balance. I keep on thinking about dreams and day dreams. What is the difference between a dream and a day dreamer. Should I believe in the theories in 'The Magic' or should I be ready for any unexpected or say, worst conditions in life. The later thrives towards negativity, isnt it?

There are days when I absolutely don't think about 'ANYTHING', I just enjoy. Just before a week I was blessed with such days- Five days. Lovely people, crazy new friend, lots of shopping, theater and what not. I always knew,I should not waste this time of my life and crib about coming dull days after those five days. I think, I enjoyed a lot. I happily indulged into memories for one more week. Now I miss them, with hopes of revisiting them again.

Now let me clear my thoughts. Planning to blog something new every day. Yes. It makes me feel so good, promise to be more positive and come up with small stories about my life. 

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