April 22, 2014

A for Allergy!

Yes, I might teach that title (A for Allergy!)to all kids around me. I am sensitive to some one billion (Okay, a joke?) things in this world. In a different way, I am allergic to many many things ( Micro things if it makes sense?) and also to some behaviors you see!

One of the very first things my mom dad taught me, was to tell or raise a flag that I am allergic to Sulpha content in the medicine, if I end up getting treatment under a doctor,a health care person or in a hospital without them. The allergy for me was discovered when I was a toddler and I had developed some serious skin rashes due to medicines which had Sulpha. So from that very day, the single goal of all doctors in my family to teach me how a kid aka the tiny Bubblegum should be aware of the fact.

Then one day while enjoying helping my grand mother and mom, we came to know that I am allergic to 'Bhaji' or leafs of 'Radish'! Wow and for a person like me, who as a kid, used to hate radish more than any one else in this world, it was the awesome gift of God! Really. Needless to say, for years I used to raise the topic whenever I went to buy vegetables with my dad and mom!No to radish officially!

Later in my teens, I developed allergy towards all girly things in my life. Of course it came into the picture after the end of my Bharatnatyam tenure and 355 days. Ten days of Navartri were exceptions. This allergy was developed due to the psychology of yours truly which included allergy towards girly talks as well. The result was a college going girl who had a soul of a school going tom boyish girl in reality.

The college days got over and the real allergies (Not the psychological ones) started troubling me again resulting in migraines. It included the smell of boiling oil, harsh sun light and music on loud speakers. I started getting attached and detached to some of my good friends and they shifted into 'Allergic' category as well in the same era. (No they don't know this.) This phase also includes development of anti-allergic virtues towards some girly things like lip balms, Kajals and well, sarees.

If I take a time jump and fall into present mode, I am allergic to some random pollen in Pune. If I want to avoid sneezing for some 25 times in the morning and other 25 in the evening I have to take anti allergic pills regularly. Needless to say, it helps me in avoiding migraine mission of my life too.

Talking about psychological allergies I am suffering from today, I am allergic to people who dont respect the person they are talking to. Mobile manners to a rule book to be a  good flat-mate, if not followed, I can develop severe allergic symptoms.

Don't you think, life is all about allergies and how do we manage? Well it was a rubbish line, enough to make me allergic to my own thoughts!

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