April 25, 2014

C or Cricket!

For the full day, I kept on thinking what are those words related to me which starts from C? Cars, Change or Char rasta?? Yeah I can stoop down to that level of thoughts! Then  it stuck me - It is the Cricket.

My knowledge of Cricket is as limited as how to spin the ball and I can do it with the hit rate of 0.5 but hey I can identify if it is a no ball or well, just a googly! The reasons behind Ms.Bubblegum writing on such a nasty (for me!) subject?

Cricket and my younger brother and Mr.ISB and my mama and my bro-buddies and my flatmates and....

So you all must be getting my point, how I love cricket for nothing! It is like a love hate relationship. I love Sachin and Sourav , the major reason why I avoid watching cricket now. That was not the end of the story, the love got refurbished during the last world cup and it also witnessed the peak in my interest. Though Cricket never became a religion for me. Same with Cricketers, they were never Gods for me.

In childhood when my Nani planned to make me learn some basics of Cricket she asked me mama to teach me bowling. She asked my brother to teach me batting. The reason? Sourav ! She wanted me to bat with left hand and bowl with my right hand. The step confused me so much that I bat with both hands and manage to get out in the single ball! The poor child in me always became the 'Dudh danhi' in the game of cricket in my society!

So even when I seriously dont love Cricket, Some times I am as enthusiastic as my brother who does not let me watch cricket in the drawing room as it makes his player go zero in batting. As Mr.ISB adores and plays cricket for hours, be it hot or rainy, I am sure there is a lot between me and cricket.

I am quite positive about it ,only if Mr.ISB gets into any matches and I need to show off a bit as his wife. I am very open to ideas of developing side effects of Cricket for myself! :D

With the risk of getting brick bats, I am ending my post here. C for Cricket.

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