April 11, 2014

Some one just graduated!

Dear buddy for life/Shana/Mr.ISB,

This blog was suppose to be posted on the eve of your graduation last week. Well, I did not waste a moment to get on the laptop and post it as I was totally into the celebration with you.I am really not sure if this letter/blog post would reach to you even today, I am sure I will definitely get rid of those ants buzzing with pride for you from my body. Weird imagination , that is what your Bubblegum is!

The year it was. Exactly on this day, last year, you were sending gifts for my birthday along with packing bags and managing books/certificates, tickets and what not. How scared I was to get into a situation where two of us would hardly take time to talk due to our hectic schedules and different time zones. The moment you left for Hyderabad, things started to mess up, just to settle. If you know what I mean.

The tenure at Indian School Of Business started with that football match of yours which I hated. Why not? I wanted to talk about how my dear friends celebrated my birthday and how I loved your gifts, you were just attending those matches. The Indian School Of Business competed with me, almost 24 hours a day, virtually with me in those days, just to get you talk to me. Crazy and immature I was. I am sure, I rarely cling on to you, but in those days, things were in a big mess. I was counting months, one by one, thinking I would celebrate the day, ISB will be over for you. (I am feeling sad as ISB is an integral part of my life too!)

Things changed when I came back to India. I was with my family and your family on phone. I could meet my own people. I missed my Singapore friends, but over all it was a nice change. I started understanding under how much pressure you are studying. I started getting introduced to your friends. Of course personal life settled once again. I forgot that for first three months I had struggled to even talk to you.

I am so proud that you could win competitions, you could excel in studies. You could be with me when I needed. You were a support no matter how busy you were. You took the decision of marrying me in a year's time. Hundreds of people thought I was lucky to have you, who is studying in such an institute. I think I am happy to have you, degree really does not matter. It was your commitment, hard work and of course feelings for me which brought us today, where we are standing- waiting for our wedding day.

I am so proud that, even after being in a relationship ( not even married!) you could manage to study so hard and graduate from your dream B-School. I am so proud.Not every one dares to work on dreams!

Now that with a new phase in your personal life, you are entering into a new professional world, I would suggest you to continue your go-with-the-flow attitude.The best thing about you! I am sure some times me and some times work will stress you up, but hey none of us will be too bad.


Rest of the things, manage on your own with your newly developed MBA skills! ;-)


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