July 30, 2015

Home away from Home - Work

Yeah. It is like a home for me. It is no more a place from where I try to escape every single day, like I used to do at my old office.

This small new office has a big conference table, some laptops and some chairs with air conditioned atmosphere as only capital assets. The biggest asset though is our team and our relationships. We are blessed with two good partners who are more like mentors elderly mentors cum friends cum fatherly figures of average age of forty. We three permanent kids keep on harassing them, some times work and some times they harass us.

In those morning hours when my mind is messed up with basic philosophies of life which I want to choose vs I am being asked to (or I feel so)- I get to breath in the office even after taking up a load of jobs to be done. As soon as I enter the office, the cleaning lady asks people to go out. Exactly the moment when one of us becomes the target of the first session of leg pulling. The day kicks off.

We have found our own frequency to work. We all get high on tea hot water. Two mentors (whom we conveniently refuse to call bosses or owners) prefer to be sober on green tea as well,while rest of us prefer traditional tea with lots of ginger which we procure from cafeteria once in a day. Well, I am a sucker for tea breaks but no more. I love having tea, working along with every sip I take and not to forget - chitchatting with my team.

When I am working in the office  positive vibes of this place make me take a detour from my problems if I am messed up. Sudden rush of energy flows in my body with each and every idea we create. I feel at my best when I zone out with the work for moments together. The kind of energy we resonate for each other, is a spiritual experience and not even a joke.

I sometimes feel like pinching myself to check if it is a dream to work at such a place. Of course I feel like punching others when we lose our frequency of working but nonetheless come across as one team after initial struggle.

Time flies when I am at  office. I have to really keep a tab on the clock so as to reach home before dinner time. Of course there are some days (Read: days with cold) when the air conditioned air kills me even after hiding myself away from the AC panels and covering myself with a good warm cardigan in Mumbai, I sneeze thousand times an hour. Those days make me reach home earlier than ever. Exception is always Mr.ISB, stealing time from work happens only when he is in the town.

With rough prototypes floating on the table, cords and cables of every team member getting tangled, snack boxes full of home made healthy food, mugs full of hot water and high mood I always feel, messier office make beautiful sites. May be just to Instagram?

Well some other day! :)


  1. Striking out tea for hot water. Someone's changing. For better? or for worse?

  2. Reminded me of my last internship i did at an advertising firm. The two directors were more like mentors and the whole team enjoyed tea breaks with "masti" and Philosophical talks. :)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. This office place. Glad you are enjoying your time... :)